Personal Safety App

When seconds matter,
get access to help, at the press of a button
Personal Safety App

Product Features

Emergency response within minutes

When Do I Ask for Help

We enable you to get the right response within minutes, from the nearest emergency response teams. We can effect this through our command center for emergency management which is also integrated with the police control room.

Is This for Me?

Anything can trigger an emergency – it can occur in your daily commute; or when you travel to an unfamiliar destination, or if you or your family members is living/working in another city or country, etc. Finally, this is a safety app that protects & empowers you in all situations.

family Emergency
Emergency Preparedness

360° Support on Emergency Management & Redressal

Our comprehensive approach starts with preparing you through your Emergency Readiness Score; helping you to respond to an emergency and recover within minutes; as well as informing your safety circle, in real time. We also engage actively with the community to make our cities safer.

Use the Personal Safety App to get help from Emergency Response teams and instantly notify family & friends

Personal Safety App Red

The Red Button

Alert your family and friends when in danger and seek immediate redressal with the push of the red button
Personal Safety App Blue

The Blue Button

Share your commute details with friends or family and have them watch over you till you reach your destination
Emergency Readiness Score

ER Score

Check your Emergency Readiness Score and find out if you and your family are prepared for an emergency


Get continuous and immediate updates about the emergency as well as its redressal, in real time, as it unfolds

Are you and your family prepared for an emergency situation?

Making our cities safer
with an actively engaged community


Become an OmniCityzen

As an OmniCityzen, you can
protect your neighbourhood,
prevent tragedies, and help
others during an emergency.

local expert on safety


As the local expert, share your knowledge and help others to know about the safe and unsafe zones in your city.
Emergency Preparedness tips


Knowing is half the battle, stay aware and arm yourself with the latest tips on being prepared for emergencies.