Our suite of devices & solutions provide
Premise & People Protection

Personal Safety Devices
Safety Devices

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Emergency Safety Platform

Industrial-grade Devices & Equipment

This physical device with a power back-up, can easily be installed in any industrial premise. It can also be integrated with existing burglar alarm or home automation system or other existing/ legacy security systems.

Personal Worker Tracker

This personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity is especially designed for anyone who performs activity without direct supervision, for example- healthcare visitors, maintenance workers, self-employed or employees working out of standard work hours.
Safety Devices
emergency Safety Devices

Mini Personal Tracker

A versatile, outdoor device and can be of assistance in many scenarios including- children tracking, assistance and control for elderly people, pet tracking, domestic violence prevention and emergency help for lone workers (with a ‘man-down’ feature).

Emergency Command Center

Our safety and emergency solutions are backed by the technology-powered Omnipolis Emergency Monitoring Center which is manned by expert and empathetic professionals. The 24×7 Command centre is embedded in the Police Control Room and thus ensures speedy redressal.

Emergency Command Center​

Quick Preview of some of our Upcoming Safety Devices

women Safety devices

Wearable devices and gadgets which can be worn by consumers ubiquitously and will ensure personal safety, on the go

emergency responders

Safety Drones that provide an "eye in the sky", to detect, monitor & record in Real-Time and 24x7

women Safety App

Vehicle Tracking Devices & Systems offer tightened security by having panic switches at hotspots and vehicles including school buses, employee-cabs, etc