Workplaces have gotten Innovative to Keep Employees Safe

The Rise of Innovations at the Workplace to keep Employees Safe

‘We create work environments that promote safety’; is something we read on most websites these days. However, do companies really go that extra mile to provide for the health and safety of their employees?

Well, they do.

Today, workplace safety is a serious subject. It is literally the secret to achieving operational excellence. Deploying good health and safety practices within an organisation or industry plays a crucial role in improving employee productivity, which further improves the company’s bottom line. 

Over the years, companies have gotten extremely innovative in creating work environments that foster safety. From leveraging on technologically-advanced solutions to incorporating sophisticated tools and gadgets that decrease potential accident risk, companies have made employee safety their top priority. 

Top 5 Safety Innovations in the Modern Workplace

1. Smart Wearables

Worksites such as construction, mining and manufacturing are particularly hazardous environments. Though safety protocols already exist, there is always room for improvement. Ensuring every worker returns home safe should be the goal of every employer. However, conducting manual spot checks can be a daunting task. 

Fortunately, owing to the changing times we live in, IoT (Internet of Things)-based technologies such as wearables and sensors have been introduced. Often referred to as smart personal protective equipment (PPE), the technology in these devices can be used to track a worker’s movements and also monitor their posture, heart and respiration rate. Serving as extra eyes and ears at the jobsite, these technologies provide more information in real-time than could be collected manually. Certain security devices also come with communication capabilities that expedite the emergency response time and send SOS alerts in the event of an untoward situation.

2. Safety Drones

Prevention is always key for workplace safety and that’s where drones come in. Whether it’s a construction site or skyscraper building, drones are increasingly being used to conduct accurate inspections. It eliminates the need to send your employees to such unsafe sites yet gives you an accurate representation via high-resolution visuals.  

Further, drones are being used to reduce the risk of accidents. It gives you a clear picture of what went wrong and serves as footage to prevent similar serious incidents in the future. 

3. Safety Apps

Owing to recent technological advancements, there are many safety apps and emergency response apps in the market today. It is the smartest way to provide for the safety of your employees when they are on the move. Incorporated with GPS tracking and emergency alert features, it allows an individual access to help within seconds of pressing the button. 

Omnipolis is one such emergency mobile app that immediately alerts concerned authorities based on the kind of emergency being faced. It is the ideal safety app for women. With the push of the red button on the app, you can let your family and friends know when you are in a dangerous situation while the blue button makes it easy to share your commute details till you reach your destination. Besides personal safety, the SOS app can also be used to intimate the fire department, hospitals and police. 

As employees work-from-home, the need to provide for their safety is paramount on organisations. With an emergency tracker app, employers can collect real-time insights and stay updated on the safety status of their employees. Irrespective of where an employee is working from, receiving timely and up-to-date information on their safety and health is important.

4. Panic Switch in Employee Cabs

Safety for women at the workplace has become an important subject of corporate ethics lately. Owing to the rising cases that are a threat to women safety, companies are taking major steps to create a protected environment for their employees. One such innovation is the ring alarm panic button installed in employee cabs. Usually fitted to the top of the rear seats, employees can simply press the button in an emergency and the concerned authorities will be alerted.  

5. Virtual Reality  

Another innovative way in which companies are training employees on how to react in an emergency situation is using virtual reality (VR). It is already being used as a training tool in occupational health and safety. Using such technology, the users can immerse themselves in a virtual world wherein they are exposed to high-risk situations in a 100% safe environment. This gives employees hands-on training and a better understanding on dealing with emergencies.

There are no two thoughts about the fact that workplaces have gotten extremely serious and innovative when it comes to keeping employees safe. With such innovation in technology, they are going an extra mile to care for every employee’s wellbeing. With the right technology by your side, you can not just provide for the safety of your personnel, but also ensure they are more productive and efficient. 

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